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Philanthrocapitalism can be summed up as “Doing Well by Doing Good” – that is, making profits whilst helping to make the world a better place. It is closely related to the concept of corporate social responsibility. Another way to understand philanthrocapitalism is to look at the two root words: philanthropy means acts of humanity that help other people or the environment, while capitalism denotes adding value and turning a profit.

At NevHouse, capitalism & philanthropy work hand-in-hand with the company allocating a percentage of its profit for philanthropic use.


The NevEarth OZ Fund and NevHouse welcomes into the company results driven people that are entrepreneurial, non-conforming, and who believe that in life and work – there are no boundaries to what can be achieved. Every person, whether they are a shareholder or a member of the operation personifies the values of philanthrocapitalism. The company upholds principles of sound corporate governance and is head quartered in a highly regulated market which offers all trading partners comfort and security.

NevEarth encourages everyone to do well by doing good. If you are interested in investing and joining us as a shareholder please do not hesitate to contact us. Join us on the journey to re-purpose by re-design.

The NevHouse Story

And the journey how it all began…

A Team to Change the Earth.

Nev Hyman


NevHouse (2013 – Present)

Founder and Chairman

Firewire Surfboards (2006 – 2016)

Founder and Designer


Nev Future Shapes (1981 – 2006)

Founder and Managing Director

Neville (“Nev”) Hyman is an internationally renowned entrepreneur, having established two of the best known and most successful surfboard brands in the world: Nev Future Shapes and recently Firewire Surfboards.

To compliment the Nev surfboard range, he set up Nev Japan, an apparel, shoes and accessories company. He was also a pioneer in the development of CAD/CAM (AKU Shaper) computer surfboard design and manufacturing.

Nev is an accomplished entrepreneur, a philanthrocapitalist, a competent director and advisor with links globally through his various ventures. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the NevEarth fund and NevHouse as well as a sincere passion for humanity and the environment.

Passion and dedication for the environment stems from strong relationship with the ocean, as a surfer and a surfboard designer.

Founder of NevHouse, a company that creates houses from a unique compound made from waste plastic, providing an innovative solution to international development issues in housing, as well as environmental damage resulting from improper use plastic.

Self-made business man with over 40 years of experience in business development.

Developed and built Nev Future Shapes (formerly known as Nev Surfboards and Odyssey Surfboards) as a start-up and developed it into a globally competitive brand and business.

Transformed surfboard operations into the globally renowned Firewire Surfboards, one of the most well-known surfboard manufacturers of epoxy surfboards, with offices in Australia and the United States and supply chain operations in Thailand.

Established Nev Japan, a company that markets shoes, accessories, and apparel to compliment the Nev surfboard range.

Detailed-oriented and strongly involved in daily business and operations, including design and manufacturing.

40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing surfboards.

Pioneered the development of CAD/CAM (AKU Shaper) computer surfboard design and manufacturing.

Designs boards using AKU Shaper and examines output for revisions.

Holds 2 Guinness Records for largest surfboard ever built and for the most surfers riding on a wave on one surfboard (47 in Queensland and 60 in California, 2005).

Austin Whittaker


Austin Whittaker is a senior executive with experience as CEO, Managing Director, Commercial Director, Security & Risk Director and Independent Corporate Advisor across a range of industry sectors including cleantech, renewable energy, investment banking, funds management, security risk management and global trade.

Austin has recently been appointed to the Board of NevHouse Holdings Ltd (NevHouse) to assist the company with its expansion into global markets.

As Commercial Director of an Australian based environmental engineering company, Austin was responsible for all corporate, legal, commercial and financial aspects of the business and major project development. New technologies were developed and commercialised for the processing of waste plastics, waste tyres and waste oil to produce saleable products. In this role, Austin engaged internationally with equipment manufacturers, engineers, scientists, academics, financiers and various other experts to achieve project outcomes.

With a United States based partner, Austin has an interest in an innovative technology for processing municipal solid waste and separating plastics and other materials from the waste stream.  This technology is synergistic with the NevHouse technology and can add value to selected NevHouse projects.

Prior to developing an interest in circular economy and resource recovery, Austin managed sensitive security, risk, crisis and special projects for Australian Government agencies, State Government Departments and Corporate sector clients; and abroad for several Governments and various multi-national companies.

Austin has delivered training in leadership, team building and conflict management at three Australian Universities, has worked closely with international private clients, companies and governments from Asia, the Pacific Region and the Middle East, and consulted to a United Nations Global Trade Project.

In earlier government careers, Austin served in operational leadership and specialist training positions in Australian Army Special Operations Forces (Commando Green Beret) and the NSW Police Force, where he was awarded the NSW Police Commissioners Commendation for Courage, the NSW Police State Commanders Commendation and the NSW Police Medal.  He undertook exchange service programs with the United States Department of Justice FBI (Quantico), a US Navy SEAL Team and other specialised agencies in Australia and abroad.

Austin’s education qualifications include a Master of International Law; post-graduate awards in Strategic Leadership, Global Law Practice and Dispute Resolution; and various tertiary qualifications including Project Management, Business, Security & Risk Management, Public Safety (Emergency Management), Fraud Control, Government Security and Government Investigations.

Family, community service and rugby union are Austin’s interests away from work. He continues to play in Masters’ Rugby tournaments, serves on committees of several community service and rugby organisations and has coached junior sporting teams for over 30 years.

Lance Bowling


Partner – Michelson Group

OwnerPlay On Pixels

Executive DirectorEduSkate

Sales Account ExecutiveTrue Interactive

Lance Bowling is a sales and marketing executive with over 20 years of experience in forming and growing start-up companies, as well as, leading sales and marketing teams in both mid-sized and larger organizations.

Mr. Bowling also owns a digital marketing firm that provides sales, marketing, CRM, and web development services. Some of his clients have included U.S. Mint, Motorola, JB Oxford, along with several large fashion brands. He has started, been involved in, mentored, and invested in a number of startup and entrepreneurial ventures over the past 20 years.

Mr. Bowling obtained a Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) in Business Administration from California Lutheran University (United States) in 1992.

Preserve the Ocean. Save the Earth.

Together we can create global change, and create a clean future.